Sunday, April 29, 2018

It's Okay To Not Have It All Figured Out


I cannot believe it has already been over a year since I walked across the stage, moved my tassel to the left side, and became a college graduate. 

If you had told me what my life would have looked like as a new college grad, I would have said, " that is a joke." Because in my mind, I was going to graduate, land my dream job, and be successful right off the bat. I thought I had it all figured out, and let me tell you- I was oh so wrong. 

I found myself frustrated and confused as to why everything wasn't just falling into place. I mean I got the right grades and had the experience, so why wasn't everything working out just as I planned? After all, I felt like I was working a job I was overqualified for (chip on my shoulder much?) and simply thought what the hell am I doing with my life.

Now, let me back up. I have known what I have wanted to do for a living since I was seven years old. I still have my sketchbooks full of designs, including designs of scrubs because I thought I was going to be a heart surgeon and fashion designer who designed the hospital's scrubs. Big dreamer much? But moral of the story, I never had a doubt in my mind that fashion wasn't the field for me. 

Hear me out, I am not writing a blog post to simply complain how basically I'm in my twenties and feel like I don't have it all figured out. No, what I am saying is that it is OKAY not to have life after college figured out. It is okay not to be sure what path is next for you.

As time went on, I lost my bad attitude and embraced the uncertainty and life as a twenty-something-year-old. I started paving the way for myself and trusting the process. Because let's be realistic, everything ends up working out exactly as it should, right? 

Let me say; I don't know everything not even close. But I do know what it feels like to be a little lost in this thing people called "adulthood" and to not be sure what is next for yourself. Truth be told, I think most people feel that way in several different stages of life. 

But here is my advice to you. If you want it, you can take it, and if you think it's stupid that's fine too, you can leave it here. 

We weren't brought into this life to simply work a job just to pay the bills and then die. A little harsh right? But I have never read something more accurate. This life is meant to be lived, entirely. Jobs, they will always be there. Bills, they will still be there too. But your youth? It most certainly won't. I'm not saying don't be a responsible adult, because you most definitely should, I am saying take the extra adventure. Buy the damn shirt. Work the job you are overqualified for if it makes you happy. And just take a second to be freaking proud of yourself.

Like hello, this life is hard, stressful, and oh so complicated. But it's okay because you don't have to have it all figured out. 

It's okay.



Ps. And for those of you who feel like you have got it all figured out,  you freaking go glen coco. Please write a life manual for the rest of us? 


*The tee is the exact same tee but I got mine originally from target but it is no longer online. Try searching in store!*