Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Save vs. Splurge

I am going to be starting a new weekly series called Save vs. Splurge. Here you will be able to find look-a-like items for much less, as well as, my input on what I think it worth the splurge and what is not. This week I am sharing some of my all time favorite sister saves!

Which items are worth the splurge? 

The items I would splurge on would be, the backpack and leather jacket. The reason I would pay more for these items is because they are timeless pieces. They are never going to go out of style and will withstand the test of time. This makes them worth the extra dollars. 

What items are great sister saves?

The studded mules, wedges, and blouse are all great examples of look-a-like pieces that are a total save. Traditionally, if I think something is going to be more of a short live trend then I am not going to drop the money on it. For example the blouse, I love the print but it is a statement print so it is most likely not always going to be in style and I am probably going to get tired of wearing it after a few times. Oops. 




Wedges |Save|Splurge|

Blouse |Save|Splurge|

Backpack |Save|Splurge|

Studded Mules |Save|Splurge|

Leather Jacket |Save|Splurge|