Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide : For Him

|Cologne|Pants|Watch Organizer|Sunglasses|Crosley Radio|
|Beer Cap Map|New Balance Shoes|Bracelet|
|Bose Speaker|Patagonia Pullover|UGG Slippers|
|Golf Accessories Organizer|Watch|Wallet|Trucker Hat|

Cologne: This is the same scent I included in the gift guide for Christmas and I still love it! Again, you can never go wrong with cologne. It is an easy yet personal gift when you get your guy your favorite scent for him to wear. 

Pants: ABC Pants from Lululemon are a guy favorite. Not only are they comfortable and versatile, but they come in several different styles making there a pair for every dude. 

Watch Organizer: Got a watch lover on your hands? Watch organizers are perfect for just that, organizing your watches. It allows your guy to see the choices he has and also keeps them protected.

Sunglasses: I got these sunglasses for Connor last year and they are my absolutely favorite. They are super lightweight and go with everything, which is one of the many things that are so great about them.

Crosley Radio: This is for your music-loving guy. You can not go wrong with a Crosley Radio. Not only do they make for great decor in the home, but they also sound great.

Beer Cap Map: This is for your brew guru guy. The map can be filled with a bottle cap from each of the 50 states. Again, it makes for great home decor!

New Balance Shoes: I love a good fashion forward sneaker for guys, and New Balance makes some of the best. The color scheme of these makes them very versatile and easy to wear with just about anything.

Bracelet: Wanting a gift that is a little bit more sentimental? Jewelry is great for guys too. Leather bracelets are some of my favorites because they can be professional or casual. 

Bose Speaker: Every guy needs a Bose speaker. It is perfect to play music on when working outside, poolside, working out, or just to have.

Patagonia Pullover: As you know, I am such a fan of Patagonia. Connor got this one for Christmas a couple years ago and still loves it. The quality is great making them durable. 

UGG Slippers: Slippers are the winter slides. Your guy's feet get cold too and nobody does men's slippers better than UGG.

Golf Accessories Organizer: Anyone else's guy golf obsessed? This accessories organizer is perfect for keeping his life organized and the trunk of his car. 

Watch: I love a good Nixon watch. I am totally digging the black detail on this new one. Again, this is a great piece because it can be worn professionally or casually.

Wallet: Last year for Connor's birthday I got him a new wallet. I told him it was finally time to part ways with the one he has had forever and was practically molded to him. Wallets make great gifts because they are typically not something a guy will get for himself!

Trucker Hat: What happens when a Patagonia trucker hat meets golf? You end up with the Travis Mathew's trucker hats. These are perfect for your golf lover or any guys who love hats.