Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sex + Ice Cream

Ever heard people tell you to find the good in the bad? Well it is possible if you look for it. Nicole took the fashion world by storm after a breakup with her boyfriend. She used her breakup as the ultimate motivation to be a bad ass girl boss behind her brand Sex + Ice Cream. At the young age of 18 she stopped chasing boys and started chasing her dreams. Sex + Ice Cream is a brand built on true inspiration, passion, girl power, and a midwest gal who believed in herself whole heartedly, if that isn't amazing then I don't know what is. Nicole currently has two brick and mortar store fronts, an online shop, and is in retailers all around the U.S. I can't wait to see how Nicole continues to test boundaries and inspire women everywhere with her products and story. Let's just say, this girl is just getting started.


Want to hear more about Sex + Ice Cream? Check out my interview with founder and owner Nicole below! 

How did Sex + Ice Cream begin?
I started Sex + Ice Cream when I was 18 and going through a break-up. I started it initially to get revenge on the guy who had broken my heart but it soon turned into a means by which I learn how to empower myself. I went to art school for college at the Kansas City Art Institute and learned all the skills I needed in order to start making clothing. I worked hard and stayed up late and started selling my designs on the side while I was still in school. I had my first independent fashion show when I was 19, started selling my designs in stores around the U.S. by age 20, hosted my own fashion event at age 21, opened a summertime Sex + Ice Cream pop-up shop in Los Angeles at age 22, and then opened my first permanent brick and mortar storefront at age 23. I am preparing to open my second store in Des Moines this May at 24. Long story short, I worked my butt off for years and years.

What is your inspiration when creating original Sex + Ice Cream pieces?
Sex + Ice Cream is a way in which I can speak honestly and openly about what I am experiencing as a 23-year-old woman in today’s world. I create things that tell stories about ex-boyfriends or inspired by outfits I wore at bars where I sipped beers underage and danced all night or things with colors that make me happy or silhouettes that make me feel empowered. I’ve always talked about my design process as a visual and sometimes abstracted diary. If you look back on collections I’ve designed over the years you can see things that I was interested in and feel the things that I was going through at the moment because I used those things to create those collections.

What is your greatest goal you want to achieve with Sex + Ice Cream?
To make people feel less alone through the content behind my collection and words I share and publish. To make clothing that people can fall in love in, walk away from their old boy friends in, and drive in convertibles with their friends in. To give myself a platform in which I can turn the tough things in life into beautiful things and create every day.

Where do you see Sex + Ice Cream going in the next few years?
I don’t know, honestly. My biggest goal I ever set for myself was to open my own shop and I achieved that goal last year. Never in the world would I have expected to be preparing to open my second store less than a year later. Because of this, I have quit setting goals for myself. I like to dwell on hard work and keeping my future open so I can be surprised and open when new opportunities come up to grow with my business. Maybe someday I’ll make some new goals for myself but right now I just really like seeing what happens naturally when we all work hard at this vision.

If any celebrity could wear your clothing for a campaign who would you want it to be?
Sophia Amoruso. 

What is your biggest piece of advice?
work really freakin’ hard, like really hard. talk to your idols but never copy them; look at what they did and then do things your own way. reply to e-mails right away. view every negative thing that happens in life or business as something that is paving the way for better things to come your way -- this will make you incapable of ever failing.