Monday, February 6, 2017

The Golden Hour

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You know the short period of time after sunrise or before sunset where the daylight is a bit softer? This very moment is called the golden hour. It requires perfect timing to catch the light just right to create a breathtaking photograph.

As the sun rises or falls a new day starts or ends. Memories are created and time continues to move on. We are given 24 hours each day to live exactly how we please. What is your golden hour? What is the hour you take each day to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. The beauty in people, places, and things. The amazement of life and its offerings.

Life gets busy and chaotic. Things begin to move so quickly we begin to miss the simplicity that life brings us each day. Recently, I have been reminding myself that each day is a gift so do not waste it. Each day take the bull by the horns and just do the damn thing. I make a promise each day to myself, which is to enjoy life's simplicity. 

I take time to enjoy a lazy Sunday guilt free before a hectic week. I take the time to enjoy a FaceTime date with my love at night even though I'm exhausted. I take the time to enjoy moments spent with my family. I take time to enjoy the ability to go out for a run. I take time to enjoy waking up with a roof over my head and food in my fridge. I take time to enjoy quality time with my beloved momma. 

That's just it. I have learned to take time. There is no rush. So remember to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the golden hour.