Friday, December 2, 2016


One year ago I decided to bite the bullet and start further pursuing my dreams. It all started as a fun, exciting, and creative outlet for me. A place to keep a style diary and share my thoughts with readers. I never thought it would lead me to the places it has taken me too. Forever Mere, is much more than just another fashion blog, I can promise you that. It's filled with life advice based on experience, thoughts on style, and most importantly a passionate writer. My love for style has never been something that wasn't apparent to others. For me, it was the one thing that I never questioned in life. If I liked what I put together and it made me feel good, I wore it. With Forever Mere I have grown a new confidence not only in what I am pursuing, but within myself. 

Although this year has been filled with it's ups and downs of starting a blog, I never once turned down a challenge. Because that is what life is all about right? Challenges, figuring them out, and taking risks. Find your stepping stones, find those who encourage and embrace you. Those are the people you surround yourself when you're building your dreams into a reality. 

I am so thankful for where Forever Mere has taken me and where it is yet to go. To the inspiring people I have met along the way, thank you for believing in me, you know who you are. To the companies I have collaborated with, thanks for taking a chance on a start up blogger from the Midwest, you keep me going. 

So what exactly does "Forever Mere" truly mean? Forever Mere means to always remain me and to never try to be something that I am not. Forever Mere means there are no limits in anything that I do because the limit does not exist in forever. Forever Mere is believing in yourself. Forever Mere is filled with dreams, passion, inspiration, and adventure, there simply isn't such a thing as an end to these. Forever Mere is the girl behind this blog, and well Forever Mere is me. 

Here's to one year. I have a damn good feeling that the best is yet to come.