Sunday, September 25, 2016

See you later summer

Sweet summertime is officially over and fall is quickly on its way. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for the weather to start cooling down and be able to dig out those cozy sweaters out of my closet. While were all eager to wear our fall wardrobe, temperatures think differently. Thats right, its time for the awkward in between temps. So what do you wear when it's hot out during the day but starts to cool off by the evening? 

In today's blog post I'm talking all about transition pieces. While these photos capture a summer style, all of these items can be easily transitioned into fall. 

This floral midi skirt from Amuse Society can be paired with your favorite booties and chunky sweater to create a comfy fall yet youthful look. 

And what about that graphic tee? Graphic tees are what I live for, they are effortless yet so cute. In the fall I often wear mine with an oversized knit cardigan or jacket. Treat your graphic tee's as layering pieces. Throw a dress overtop or switch up the pattern of the bottoms you wear, just go for it.

Style is more than just wearing whats on trend. It is about throwing your own personal twist or flare, getting creative with pieces, and expressing you without saying word.