Tuesday, July 19, 2016

California Nights

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Do you ever feel like you have a million and one things going on in your life that you never can catch a break? That seems to sum up my life recently. After driving half way across the United States and making my move to California I feel like time has never stopped. I am constantly exploring, working, meeting new people, and I am LOVING every second of it. If you are ever given the opportunity to pack up your bags and move to somewhere new, I highly recommend it!

Nights in California consists of perfect weather and beautiful west coast sunsets, what is better than that? It's moments like these nights that I take my breaks in life and reflect on my days and my experiences. I am truly fortunate to be able to chase my dreams at a young age and venture to so many new places. Basically,if you're picking up what I am putting down, take time to step back away from the madness in your life and enjoy the people and the breathtaking views of the world around you.