Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tea Time

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Happy spring break loves! I cannot believe it is already here. I packed my bags and am headed on a week long vacation with some of my best friends and I could not be more excited! Today I am sharing my secret to what has helped me stay fit and healthy for my trip! I started drinking Skinny Model Tea and let me tell you, it is nothing short of amazing! I drink one cup in the morning of the detox loose leaf tea and one cup of at night of the night cleanse pyramid tea bags! Your purchase also comes with a FREE tea defuser for the loose leaf tea, which I was totally obsessed with! I often use my Tea Tank as shown in the pictures which has a mini defuser inside of the bottle, perfect for defusing flavors into your daily waters or teas and coffees! Not only has Skinny Model Tea made me feel more energized, it also comes along with a exercise and healthy eating guide to really kick yourself into gear! But lets be honest, I sometimes just can't pass up my midnight ice cream snack!I highly recommend Skinny Model Tea products and Tea Tanks! Both are amazing products that contribute to a healthier and happier you! 

Ps. Skinny Model Tea tastes amazing and can be bought in 14 or 28 day programs!!