Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Denim Daydreams

Leather Bracelet | Necklace (Similar) |

Just before the snow fell and the cold weather hit, I was able to get a quick adventure in with Sarah Rohe Photography! I spent the day wearing a simple look that consisted of my oh so comfortable ripped black jeans and classic chambray shirt from Gap, which I all pulled together with this amazing brown leather belt from a local shop in my town, Portobello Road! Lastly, I put my personal touch onto this classic look by layering up jewelry and wearing as many rings as I can fit on my fingers. That's the fun part about fashion, one simple look can be changed in so many ways just by adding your personal style and touch! Remember to always take risks in your style and be confident- you'd be surprised to see what you can pull off!

Everyday in life I am so thankful for all of the amazing adventures I get to take and the incredible people I get to meet! I am so excited to share my Forever Mere journey with you and am forever appreciative of you for joining my travels!