Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cozy Cities

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It's Sunday. Either people's most beloved day of the week because they finally get a full day to relax, or their worst enemy because they're reminded that tomorrow is Monday. For me, Sunday always seems to be a good day, as I like to call it "a catch up day." A day for me to catch up on sleep, run errands, and get everything together just before the next week begins. This Sunday brought so much joy to me. I spent the morning with an inspiring and talented friend getting coffee and "catching up" on life's adventures. 

It isn't usual that my morning attire or better known as "Sunday best" is made up of my ripped boyfriend Gap jeans and an old vintage pullover from my mom's closet. Both which happen to be two of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. To complete my cozy casual look I paired it with my moccasin booties and a flannel tied around my waist just in case I needed to throw on an extra layer. Just like that I was out the door and ready to take on whatever Sunday morning brought my way!